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4 thoughts on “ I Was Starving Hungry (In Tesco´s)

  1. When did health care become so out-of-wak expensive. When it began to rock like this, I suspect. Through twelve tracks, Clinic shimmy and shake, rock and rant, slide and slam the beats through your forehead and out your feet/5(3).
  2. 1I Am Kloot - To You2Bees, The - Sky Hold The Sun3Nice System - Dream Shawn Lee - The Sun5Color Filter - Sitting In The Sand6Lightspeed - Perverse Dog On Wheels7OPL Bastards - Sagittarius 28Miss Mend - Living City Plan9Kicker - Turning Left10Clinic - The Second Line11Appliance - We Are Not Built To Last12Skylab - Sumo.
  3. To those on the Left, the brawling shoppers were nothing more than poor, starving victims struggling to survive and feed themselves in austerity Britain It was hardly Tesco's fault.
  4. pm - 1/2 pouch of wet food each. Right now I'm using Tesco's. pm - 20g of Royal Canin food mixed with water, and I leave this down for them during the night. There's also a bowl of fresh water constantly available to them. The vet told me that the Royal Canin stuff is very high calorie.

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